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The Chippenham Hotel

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The Chippenham Hotel, 207 Shirland Road, Maida Hill, London, England W9 2EX

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Family owned / operated venue. Close to West End - 15 minutes, Lord's, Little Venice and Heathrow Express. Accommodation situated above friendly traditional London pub.


Myself, Mango, & my wife, Silvana, have been owners of The Chippenham since September, 2005. I am a full member of the BII, the British Institute of Innkeeping. This is the professional body for all within the licensed trade. Not all landlords or hoteliers are members as certain criteria must be met before you can become a member.

In that time we have managed to turn it around from being a not so welcoming place to a London Tourism approved Inn.

We cater for the local community and visitors alike. Our motto is "úThere are no strangers here, only friends that haven't met!"Ě

The Chipp, as it's affectionately known, has been trading since the 19th century. It changed hands in 1895-6 and at that time was the most expensive pub in London.

It underwent a refurbishment in 1900-1 in which the ornate tiles and mirrors were added, these can still be seen today. Allegedly, these were lost in World War II as during the blitz they were covered up until approx 1970, when during another refurbishment they were re-discovered and returned to their former glory.

Also during the 1950's and 1960's the Chipp was also used as an annex to the local church for the large Irish Diaspora that was moving into neighbouring Kilburn. The local church at Quex road could not accommodate all the churchgoers even with celebrating 17-19 masses each Sunday. And so they searched for satellite venues of which The Chippenham was one. At the rear of the bar you can see an alcove that the altar was set into, this was during the time of the Latin mass were the priest had his back to the congregation. To the left of the pool table there appears to be a boarded up doorway but in fact there was never a door there, it was the tabernacle. After mass the people would leave and form an orderly queue outside waiting for the priest to leave before re-entering when the then Landlord would open the door to allow the people to partake in some liquid refreshment.

During the 1970's the then upstairs bar was used as a punk rock venue were Joe Strummer started his music career with the 101ers before finding fame with The Clash. They were called the 101ers as most of the band lived at 101 Walterton road that faces The Chipp. Also to play at The Chipp were The Sex Pistols and other punk bands from the London punk scene. Unfortunately the then Landlord didn't find this type of music appealing and evicted them just as it was taking off. They then moved to another hostelry close by. We are still part of the London "úRock'n'Roll"Ě tour.

After this the upstairs bar was converted into a billiards/snooker hall until 1999. In 1999 the upstairs was converted into a backpacker style hostel.

When Silvana and I took over in 2005, we converted the rooms into a more traditional style hotel room. We now have 8 rooms ranging from singles to family rooms. All rooms are now en-suite with digital TV, DVD & ipod docks, tea/coffee making facilities and hairdryers. We achieved a London tourism accreditation in 2010, "úVisit London"Ě approved.

In 2006 we managed a minor refurbishment inside the bar including a new floor and upholstery. In 2007 we added a sun terrace at the back, admittedly due to smoking ban, but it is now used by all to escape the hustle & bustle of the local city life. In 2010 as we upgraded our bedrooms we also re-decorated the outside of the building. This has shown the local community how much The Chipp has changed in the last few years.

At this time we also re-signed a new lease for a further 20 years. We wanted to show the locals that we wanted to be part of the community for the long haul.

As part of integrating ourselves into the local community we became involved with The Paddington Festival in July & August, 2010. We were lucky enough to host the award winning opera "úLa Boheme"Ě.

Following on from this, we hosted the Harrow Road Community Choir in December, 2010. They gave us a rousing rendition of some of our favourite Christmas carols. They returned in the late spring of 2011 to welcome in summer. We hope that both these concerts will be regular annual events.

Also in the summer of 2011 we welcomed Ben's Thai to The Chipp. Ben's Thai has been the local area's premier Thai restaurant for the last 20 years. Ben's Thai offers authentic Thai food at very reasonable prices, all cooked by traditionally trained Thai chefs. Ben's Thai offers great lunchtime offers as well as a full a l√° carte menu in the evening.

In conjunction with Ben's Thai, we also have weekly & monthly events to help entertain you. On Mondays we have "úMovie Madness"Ě, where we show movies from all genres free of charge. Thursdays is poker night, where you can compete for the weekend's bragging rights and have the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to become the UK pub poker champion. Sundays is quiz night, a fun quiz not just for MENSA members but for all. The first Sunday of each month is for charity, we welcome all local community groups to host a quiz to help with fundraising. The last Friday of the month is karaoke, so why not come down and croon or even crow for your friends.

Annually we host celebrations for St. Patrick's day, where we have green beer, Irish stew, Irish dancers & music. Also St. George's day, when we have our annual real ale beer festival with some traditional English food such as bangers'n'mash. One of the biggest nights of the year is our New Year's Eve fancy dress party. Previous themes included "úGangsters & Molls"Ě and "úLondon Tube Stations"Ě. We offer a cash prize to the best costume. We also have a local band to see in the New Year as we dance into the small hours.

B&B from £40 to £60 Single,
£40 to £50 Double,
£35 to £45 Family per person per night.

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