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WOW, 2014 will be our 22nd year of promoting UK and Ireland establishments to Europe and beyond.

Our little travel guide started back in 1991 by a German man and his English brother in law. The first guide came out in 1992, then titled "The European Travellers Guide to Great Britain and Ireland" (a bit long winded).

It doesn't seem two minutes ago, that whilst revising for A levels exams in '93, I saw an advert for a business for sale, and within a couple of months I'd bought The European Travellers Guide and was in business with my Dad running a publishing company.

We continued to run with the long winded name for a few years, until rebranding as Sheridan's Guides in 1997 to coincide with the launch of one of the first multi-lingual travel guides on the web,

With the enormous growth of the internet in the 17 years we've been online, we now reach more people looking for accommodations in one week than we could do in one year of printing and posting books.

And that's all thanks to the establishments and travellers who use Sheridan's, year after year.

Thank you,
Sheridan Moffat